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Vox Lacuna

The Voice of the Missing Text

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Welcome to vox_lacuna, a canon-based Harry Potter RPG.

As the HP series comes to an official close, we all know there are more stories to be told, more sides of canon to be seen, more porn to be written.

So we bring you Vox Lacuna, the Voice of the Missing Text. Here we will be writing/playing out the stories that didn't get put into Rowling's books. Posts will take a variety of forms (letters, diary entries, pensieves, hospital reports, etc). Each player will take on a character mentioned in canon and flesh out their story. There are no generational restrictions. We might see Ginny's diary entries, Lucius' orders at Borgin and Burke's, Minerva's letters to Dumbledore. The only restriction is that the characterization and existing canon must be followed closely.

At random intervals, your mods will announce optional themes/events/posts for your participation and/or posting. These may be crackish, orgiastic, or mundane. These are done only to keep things lively and will be fully optional.

So, sound interesting? Have a character who's nudging your brain? Read our Rules and fill out our Application!

Any questions, concerns, or R/S porn can be directed to voxmods@gmail.com .

-*- Rules -*- Posting Guidelines -*- FAQs -*- Characters -*- Application -*-

DH Related Rules: To give everyone time to read and digest the new (and last) book, no spoilers for DH are permitted until 14 September. This includes introduction of new characters, plotlines, etc.

Feel free to watch the community if you don't have time to play. We encourage you to comment on the posts or threads as if they were fics! Show your love to our players! But please, don't request to join if you just want to read, as only players/characters are allowed to be members.

All characters involved with this project are the property of that lucky blonde lady (aka JK Rowling) and her affiliated companies and publishers. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

All events, posts, threads are fictional. No children, squid, or Death Eaters were harmed in the making of this community, nor is such harm advocated by the community or its members.

Some posts and comment threads may contain subject matter of an adult, sexual, and/or violent nature. Some of the sex may involve characters of the same sex, characters in animagus form, or characters who are related. If you are underage or are uncomfortable with such subjects, then please do not continue into the community.

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